Women’s Issues Eating FullyRaw (Weight Loss, Hormones, Periods, and More)

Women's Issues Eating FullyRaw! Weight gain, weight loss, hormones, thyroid imbalances, fertility, and more! I discuss 8 of my most frequently asked female topics here: .

If you have struggled with women's issues while eating FullyRaw or if you are trying to go vegan or vegetarian or whether you are facing issues with your hormones, weight, age, or pregnancy, I will hopefully bring a lot of light to many important topics! This video merely scratches the surface in regards to details, so I promise there will be many more videos where I address these topics. I'm looking into doing an "Ask Kristina" video series. If you like this idea, please give this video a thumbs up!

Here are the topics that I will address:
Your Period 1:13
Weight Gain
Weight Loss 5:56
Thyroid 12:00
Sex (Brief)
Breast Feeding

I hope that you comment and ask questions below so that we can get a conversation started! Let's support one another!

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