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Competitive Gluttony

There is more than one way to stay fat and happy. Salt Lake City is no exception. America as a whole is the fattest nation. That's just one of the perks to being such a wealthy empire. Today in our media obsessed brainwashing, we even have cable networks such as the Food Network and The Travel Channel dedicated to entertaining you with one of America's favorite deadly sins.

Yes, eating is a spiritual act also. It is a gift given to us and in itself, is a beautiful thing. I can appreciate good food. I can definitely appreciate rich, creative ways to using choice meats and spices and vegetables and grains. But there is something to be said about lucrative deals restaurants make with their customers and television makes with their viewers when we are entertained and satisfied with the sport of shoving the most exotic and tasty foods in our mouth at a high volume and overtaxing the body.

Restaurants definitely prosper in Salt Lake City. Very fine high quality restaurants like Faustina's. The gorging that occurs here is not so obvious. It is rather, an almost daily routine of being seen eating or eating as a type of recreation. Or even a status symbol. The way a car is more of a status symbol than an actual need for a lot of people, being seen at Vino's through the window or taking your date to the Himalayan House is highly preferable for your image. The act of eating for health and survival has been replaced by eating as pleasure, recreation, status and distraction. In this manner, the act of spending a lot of money and time on fine food and tasting the newest dishes, has been a new way of bowing to the god of the belly.

Personally, I can't see any reason for fine dining on a Tuesday night, let alone gorging oneself at a sports bar every other day. By now, we've all probably see Andrew Zimmerman on the Travel Channel shoving the most vile eyeballs, testicles, brains, intestines and bugs in his mouth from all over the world, yet he always seems disgusted by anything resembling a plant. You can see the absolute euphoria in his eyes from eating a fresh boiled duckling. Like he just saw God. Likewise with Anthony Bourdain. There is a reason he links is lust for eating to food porn.

Adam Richman enjoys travelling to all the best pigout spots across the country on his show. A hero of his is actually the number one competitive eater in the U.S. His job relies on absolutely abusing himself at eating the biggest burgers, the hottest Indian dishes, the most piled up grub, in record time. While being cheered on by a drunk and obese frat crowd, he struggles to beat redneck records and alike for painfully high consumption. It's noteworthy to mention he does workout before every gorgefest. Of course, this is akin to vegans eating Boca Burgers 5 day's a week so they can shoot heroin on the weekend.

This all make sense when it comes to the desperation at which Americans attack the act of eating. Charlie Sheen does what he does because he's trying to fill the vacuum of his soul with something satisfying. Likewise, American culture has done a really good job at convincing the masses that, at the basest level, they will always have access to emotional fulfillment. The most accessible way to putting substance into an empty shell of a person, our satanic culture concludes, is through music, movies, sports, Apple products and food. To name a few. If our god is our belly or anything else besides Christ, a rich and abundant life is not possible. A life will always be lead to destruction unless it is interrupted by the grace God. There is no way around that. Current American culture will have you believe otherwise.

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