Weight Loss Challenge Rules

mw2l challenge month one

Transform Your Body With Weight Loss Tips From Top Personal Trainers To Help You

How many people do you know (or maybe even yourself) that have a hard time sticking to their diet?

Even Personal Trainers can fall victim to their favorite foods if left alone with a pizza box or jar of natural peanut butter.

I have to say as a Personal Trainer, following through with your diet every day can be quite a challenge. How would like to take your dieting to the next level?

Great, then I'm a Personal Trainer that's here to help!

I would like to share with you some common dieting pitfalls that I have seen throughout my experience in Personal Training. You could be limiting your full genetic potential just by missing one of these simple steps to effective dieting for fat loss.

Now lets get right to it with the first pitfall…

Strictly Prohibiting Your Favorite Foods Forever What, you mean I don't have to eat 6 bags of lettuce and 6 chicken breasts every day for the rest of my life. If you put a limit on yourself you will naturally have a temptation to push beyond that boundary that you have just set yourself in. Even if your Personal Trainer tells you to eat healthy everyday.

This is human nature, we want what we can't have. By banishing all of your favorite unhealthy foods you do just that. Eating is a great joy and pleasure in life and to take away that forever from your life is a heavy load on your mind.

However if we are allowed to enjoy treats once in a while, then we don't have the extra temptation and overwhelming feelings hanging over us.

The Personal Trainers Solution Here's the simple solution….

Take time from the regimen of your rules and regulations for eating, at least 1 meal a week. It doesn't have to be anything fancy. Just let yourself know that you will be able to continue your healthy lifestyle with the weekly deviation from your strict rules.

With this weekly freedom from your diet you won't have nearly the amount of temptation (if any) to binge on your favorite foods as you would by completely eliminating junk food of all types from your diet forever.

You will have the extra will power to stick it out one more day until your freedom meal at the end of the week or whenever you chose it to be.

Personal Trainers will caution you that this weekly meal is not an all out binge of 10,000 calories within 2 hours. It is a controlled cheat meal as some would call it.

Moderation of your favorite foods, just substitute the same amount of calories as you would normally eat in healthy food. Here are the Personal Trainers Weight Loss Tips for the day.

Zach Hunt is a Weight Loss Spokane expert, personal trainer and owner of Physzique, a fitness coaching service in Spokane, WA. Go here: Spokane Personal Training.

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