The Biggest Loser Diet

the biggest loser diet plan

The Biggest Loser Diet – A Low Calorie Diet Based on the 4-2-3-1 Pyramid

The Biggest Loser Diet is essentially concentrated on two typical activities for those who are eager to lose weight. These two activities are eating proper food and having the dieter himself as his personal coach. This program advocates that an ideal weight can be achieved by combining the right amount of food with regular physical activities.

It suggests that people who want to lose weight must follow the following food servings:

OFour servings of fruits and vegetables
oThree servings of lean proteins
oTwo servings of whole grains
oA serving of any food that you want to eat so long as it contain two hundred calories.

The diet's "4-3-2-1" food pyramid exhibits that the dieter must eat specific foods at specific amounts. Aside from the amount of food that one has to take, this plan is coupled with a fitness regimen, which involves lots of physical exercises. It will advise the dieter to take in more fruits and vegetables before eating other type of foods, but it also permits the dieter to fulfill his desires to eat a particular food at a controlled amount. This is normally not suggested by all the other diet programs.

Here are the other benefits of the Biggest Loser program:

OIt will reduce the cholesterol level of your body
oYour blood pressure will be lowered
oAfter you have completed the program you will have a more fit body and you will notice a hype in your energy.

There are various meal plan suggestions that the dieter has to choose from if he decides on adopting the Biggest Loser Diet. You are free to choose among these and fit them in your lifestyle. Just remember always that the number of servings that is essentially needed and this plan will work miracles on your weight-loss goals.

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