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Moroccan Carrot Couscous Salad

moroccan carrot couscous salad

A nice change of pace from your typical pasta salad, this Moroccan-Spiced Carrot Couscous Salad uses Israeli couscous as its base and simmers together in a single skillet with shredded carrots, minced garlic, ground cumin and paprika. Once cooked, it is finished off by stirring in fresh chopped Italian parsley and red wine vinegar before…

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Cheesy Zucchini Rice

cheesy zucchini rice

This Cheesy Zucchini Rice is a simple, functional side recipe that sets well with various main dishes. I enjoy offering it with meat from the grill in the summer season! I’ve seen comparable variations of this dish on numerous various food blog sites as well as understood I needed to attempt it. That does not like tacky rice? Zucchini […] The article Cheesy Zucchini Rice showed up initially on Emily Bites ….

That does not enjoy tacky rice? Simply shred the zucchini as well as cheese, prepare the rice, blend all the active ingredients with each other as well as offer! A 2/3 mug offering of this Cheesy Zucchini Rice is simply 177 calories or 2-5 WW Personal Points each (depending on whether you have brownish rice as a Zero Point food)! That does not enjoy tacky rice?

Artichoke Tomato Salad

artichoke tomato salad

WW Recipe of the Day: Artichoke Tomato Salad I stumbled upon this dish for artichoke    as well as fresh tomato salad as I was investigating artichoke dishes for last Fridays’s 38 Power Foods Group article. I nearly made this straightforward artichoke salad with tomatoes, olives as well as cheese, yet picked the very easy entire wheat pizza with artichokes …

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  • Place all the components other than salt as well as pepper in a huge dish.
  • Sprinkle with salt and also pepper as well as carefully throw to combine.Serve quickly.
  • Store any kind of leftovers in a closed container in the fridge.
  • No-Bake Lemon Strawberry Pie

    no bake lemon strawberry pie

    I love baked desserts, but as the summer temperatures heat up I don’t always like turning on the oven. That’s where this simple Lemon Strawberry Pie comes in. A simple no-bake dessert that just requires you to boil some water for preparing the lemon Jello—no oven or pre-heating required. Then just mix the gelatin with…

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    Easy Skinny Greek 7-Layer Dip

    easy skinny greek 7 layer dip

    This Easy Skinny Greek Layered Dip is a new favorite. Light, fresh and flavorful, it’s a Mediterranean inspired spin on the much loved 7 layer Tex-Mex taco dip.  Layers of hummus, lemon & herb infused Greek yogurt, cucumber, tomato, olive, feta cheese and scallion combine to create a creamy, crunchy taste sensation perfect for summer…

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    Warm Refried Black Bean Dip

    warm refried black bean dip

    Tastier than bland canned refried beans, this easy refried black bean dip offers all the flavors you’d expect from your favorite from scratch Mexican meal—chiles, garlic, tomatoes and tortillas. And each serving is much lower in saturated fat than more traditional refried beans because this recipe uses olive oil instead of lard. With just 6…

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    Banana Mocha Macadamia Nut Muffins

    banana mocha macadamia nut muffins

    This is one of those special banana nut muffin recipes that will jump start your day–a moist, subtle mocha-flavored banana muffin enhanced with macadamias and semi-sweet chocolate mini chips. It’s made healthy with white whole wheat flour, bananas, and yogurt, and contains only 2 tablespoons of butter, which equals only ½ teaspoon per muffin. This…

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    Apple Coleslaw

    apple coleslaw

    This lightened up Apple Coleslaw makes an easy, tasty side dish for cookouts, barbecues, or dinner at home. Lightly dressed, crunchy, a little tangy and a little bit sweet, this coleslaw is fresh, flavorful, and much healthier than most! It’s quick and simple to make too. You’ll start with a bag of coleslaw mix (shredded […]

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    Waffle with Lemony Ricotta & Blueberries

    waffle with lemony ricotta blueberries

    I’m excited to share this easy healthy breakfast idea – a toasted whole grain waffle topped with lemony ricotta and fresh blueberries. As soon as I saw it on WW Facebook page I decided I needed to try this recipe ASAP. I’m so glad I did.  This satisfying breakfast comes together in less than ten…

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