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In this video I talk about weight loss surgery and my upcoming attempt at getting a bit thinner and a lot healthier. Normally the feedback on these videos can be kind of rough but I think i trust you guys to be cool. so please be cool 🙂

Boogie2988 Getting Weight Loss Surgery (My Response)

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Reading Your Comments on Weight Loss

created a video yesterday talking about weight loss and thought I'd follow it up with me reading some of the comments, mostly the critical ones so I could rebute some of the points made 🙂

Weight Loss Update 2014

Normally these go to the 'weight reduction' network yet this time around it goes right here. its vital I get this off my upper body with all 1.5 countless you. remarks are off for this video for the reasons stated at the beginning of this video.

Rambling about: Weight Loss Update, Leafy and Idubbz, More

In this rambling vlog video I talk about my fat burning and just how its going, regarding the leafy and idubbz things, a little bit regarding the video games I am playing, as well as some other excellent information to share w/you:-RRB-.

Weight Loss Update – GOOD NEWS!

Obtained some great news from my specialist today and also intended to share it with you, however I wanted to provide a fast wrap-up for individuals who aren't aware of why i'm obtaining the surgical procedure or just what it is going to indicate. I explain the surgical treatment i'm getting, stomach bypass, so people […]

Reacting to “Anything is Possible”

This is a response to this video: Please share this video with other people who are having problem reducing weight. After Ruby Dallas Web page sent me this video I asked him if i could do a reaction video to it as well as he agreed. I wish you appreciated this video as high as […]