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In this video I talk about weight loss surgery and my upcoming attempt at getting a bit thinner and a lot healthier. Normally the feedback on these videos can be kind of rough but I think i trust you guys to be cool. so please be cool 🙂

Reading Your Comments on Weight Loss

created a video yesterday talking about weight loss and thought I’d follow it up with me reading some of the comments, mostly the critical ones so I could rebute some of the points made 🙂

What Will I DO After surgery??? Weight Loss Surgery q and a!

Lots of people have lots of questions about the surgery that I’m getting, whether i’m getting gastric sleeve or gastric bypass. They want to know why this is why I’m choosing to lose weight, whether it is the ‘easy way out’ or whether its too dangerous. They want to know why we decided to do […]

The SURPRISING results of Weight Loss Surgery – Good and Bad

in this video I discuss my recovery of weight-loss surgical procedure both the physical as well as mental influence it has had on me. we talk about exactly how it transformed me emotionally as well as aided me lose weight.

Weight Loss Update 2014

Normally these go to the ‘weight reduction’ network yet this time around it goes right here. its vital I get this off my upper body with all 1.5 countless you. remarks are off for this video for the reasons stated at the beginning of this video.

Rambling about: Weight Loss Update, Leafy and Idubbz, More

In this rambling vlog video I talk about my fat burning and just how its going, regarding the leafy and idubbz things, a little bit regarding the video games I am playing, as well as some other excellent information to share w/you:-RRB-.

Weight Loss Update – GOOD NEWS!

Obtained some great news from my specialist today and also intended to share it with you, however I wanted to provide a fast wrap-up for individuals who aren’t aware of why i’m obtaining the surgical procedure or just what it is going to indicate. I explain the surgical treatment i’m getting, stomach bypass, so people […]

Boogie2988 Weight Loss Challenge ($10,000)

Boogie2988 has actually been around because the dawn of YouTube. I think it must remain by doing this. He recognizes this video. Below is Boogies Twitter: As well as his YouTube Network: Follow him and also maintain him inspired!! Right here is the charity that I will donate to: If you want to switch over […]

Reacting to “Anything is Possible”

This is a response to this video: Please share this video with other people who are having problem reducing weight. After Ruby Dallas Web page sent me this video I asked him if i could do a reaction video to it as well as he agreed. I wish you appreciated this video as high as […]