Subliminal Positive Affirmations for Weight Loss & Food Addicts

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Has Isochronic tones in this recording – has been recommended not suitable for those that may suffer with seizures. – and not to fill in clinical advice!

Stop the dependency – Begin to take control of your personal life as well as food dependency through these subliminal weight-loss affirmations.
Although you can not hear them, they are played on another degree and made to get to right into your subconscious mind – without you having to judge or slam them.

Affirmations such as
I am in control over what does it cost? I eat
My body is getting slimmer with every hr
My energy as well as vigor has increased 100%.
Shedding body fat is easily and also effortlessly for me.
The much less food I consume, the much better I really feel.
I am full and also satisfied after meals.
I drink 8 glasses of water a day.
I am producing a body that I like and delight in.
On a daily basis in every means I; m obtaining slimmer as well as much healthier.

Each affirmation is repeated twice. All we ask you to do is to sit back, kick back and also enable the affirmations to benefit you.

Songs has actually been installed with particularly developed Ischronic tones to assist you to unwind and also making it easier for the subliminal affirmations to enter into your subconscious mind – you will be in a very unwinded state.

NEVER pay attention whilst driving or operating equipment of any type of kind.

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