SOLLO Keurig, K-Cup, Weight Loss Slimming Tea, Strong Antioxidant, Organic by USDA, GCBE, Garcinia Cambogia Herbal Extracts, 24 Count per Pack

Simply two cups each day of this organic eco-friendly tea blend will cause progressive weight reduction. This powerful plant essence Garcinia cambogia generates the wanted result of lessening one's cravings. Part of the gradual weight reduction is because of the body's metabolic price enhancing, causing even more calories being melted daily. Eco-friendly coffee beans remove (GCBE) are unroasted coffee beans that are high in chlorogenic acid. Chlorogenic acid offers health and wellness advantages for heart problem and also weight-loss. Eco-friendly coffee beans draw out naturally boost metabolism, aiding you melt extra fat as well as transform carb into power.