My 300lbs Weight Loss Left Me With 13lbs Of Loose Skin

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A male that lost an incredible 310 lbs after becoming morbidly overweight has actually had 13 lbs of loose skin removed in a life-changing procedure. At one point, John Allaire was so morbidly overweight he wore 8XL t-shirts and also needed to be considered on a commercial scale at a fish market, as common ranges would not hold his weight. But after joining a fitness program as well as going down from 540 pounds to a lean 230 pounds, the 27-year-old was entrusted to severe excess skin. John undertook skin removal surgical procedure in March which saw the bulk of the loosened skin on his upper body as well as arms eliminated– yet will require additional surgical procedure in the future to remove the skin on his lower body.

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  1. Looks like he also did it for his family, his girl AND himself

  2. @Sofia Velardez society in a nutshell

  3. Exactly! 🤷🏻‍♀️

  4. @James But Souls can’t be angel.

  5. The man is a machine 💪

  6. I’m only 250 but when I sit down my chest sags down to my belly. It’s really frustrating considering the lack of fat every where else

  7. If you watched the whole video you’d see him after the skin surgery.

  8. @Human Bean dude they knew each other since they were 12. They most likely best friends that fell for each other. Maybe she did mention losing weight sure. but why would she get with him in the first place when hes 500 lbs if she didnt like him?
    I for sure wouldnt be with a 500 lbs woman no matter if we childhood friends or arranged marriage. Hell noo.

  9. @Correct yellow man you might be right, but these are a lot of assumptions

  10. Well it’s usually the other way around in today’s society so this is a nice change of pace

  11. @Human Bean yes but yours too lol still gave her props for sticking with dating him the first place. Thats why I think she muat really like him

  12. The best wouldn’t have let him gain any more weight or even let him get to that point

  13. shut up bro my lifes miserable

  14. @Khatuna Mezvrishvili feeding stray animals isn’t a good idea

  15. @Smith 🏳️‍🌈⃠ I love your profile picture i agree with it

  16. Absolutely incredible demonstration of will power and determination. You’re the man John!

  17. @MarquisCity POV so, did you gain weight? not by fat but with muscles?

  18. If only males could be like her lol

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