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Lap Band Surgery in India-Benefits, Risks and Costs

In India the LAP-BAND System has been proven the safest, simplest and effective way to treat severe obesity. If you are seriously overweight, the LAP-BAND System can help you achieve a happier, healthier life!

In India the Lap-Band system is the least invasive of all weight loss surgeries. The system includes an adjustable silicon elastic band that is surgically placed around the stomach. The band induces weight loss by restricting food intake; when eating less, your body draws from its own fat to get the energy it needs.

The Lap-Band is the only adjustable weight loss surgery; in fact, band adjustment is a regular part of follow up for this procedure and is done without the need of surgery. Inflating or deflating the band can adjust the amount of food you can eat. The band is adjusted, as needed depending on your weight loss progress or other reasons like pregnancy or illness.

How is Lap Band placed?

The name Lap-Band comes from Laparoscopic Gastric Band. Laparoscopy is the surgical technique used to place the band. With Laparoscopy the surgeon makes a few incisions in the abdominal wall and inserts narrow, hollow tubes. Extremely small and thin instruments are then passed through the tubes. The instruments include a microscopic camera that sends video to a monitor that is used by the surgeon to see inside the abdomen. This technique is the least invasive of all weight loss surgeries and has the least risk of complications.

Once the instruments are in place, a small tunnel is made behind the top of the stomach. The band is then pulled around the stomach to form a ring. This ring is then locked holding securely the band in a circle around the stomach.

There are many advantages of the Laparoscopy over an open surgery where a larger incision is required. After a Laparoscopy surgery most people experience much less pain, there are fewer Complications and patients are able to recover much faster, resuming activities usually within a few days.


OVery low risk, with 1/10th or less the chance of complications compared to gastric bypass surgery.

OThis is the only surgery that is adjustable, allowing decreasing or control stomach size even many years later. This will prevent weight regain.

OSafe for pregnancy by allowing opening of the stomach size to eat more while pregnant.

OAll adjustments are done with no further surgery.

OProven to work worldwide with many doctors, surgeons and nurses undergoing the procedure themselves.

OOnly surgery that is reversible, with the stomach completely returning to normal size and function if necessary for any medical condition.


OInfection – 1 in 200; treated with antibiotics.

OVomiting/Nausea – possible, most patients have it once or twice only if they eat too fast.

OBand slippage – 1 in 100 chances is always fixed laparoscopically.

ODeath – The nationwide death rate is 3 in 10,000 or less, which makes the Lap-Band a safer.

Procedure than routine surgeries like hernia repair or gallbladder removal.

Cost for Lap Band Surgery:

Lap band surgery is one very popular form of Obesity surgery which putting things simply causes weight loss by making the stomach smaller. The cost of lap band surgery is not cheap by any means. For an experience surgeon to perform the operation will cost at least $17,000 upwards to $30,000 to get the operation carried out in the US.

But lots of people are getting their surgery done in India for much cheaper. For example you can get an all inclusive deal in India for quarter of an amount as compared to the USA. Indian hospitals have very well trained surgeons, as good as the US surgeons if not better. The price normally includes pick-up at the airport, hospital, band, physician fees, and pre-op workup. So, all that is needed is to add the cost of a flight.

Why Go for Lap Band Surgery in India.

India is promoting the "high-tech healing" of its private healthcare sector as a tourist attraction. The government hopes to encourage a budding trade in medical tourism, selling foreigners the idea of traveling to India for low-cost but world-class medical treatment. Merging medical expertise and tourism became government policy when finance minister, called for India to become a "global health destination". For example, a Indian hospital, successfully conducted a complex heart operation on an 87-year-old American patient at a reported cost of $8,000 (EUR7,000, £4,850) including the cost of his airfare and a month's stay in hospital. The patient claimed that a less complex operation in America had earlier cost him $40,000.

As health care costs skyrocket, patients in the developed world are looking overseas for medical treatment. India is capitalizing on its low costs and highly trained doctors to appeal to these "medical tourists." Even with airfare, the cost of going to India for surgery can be markedly cheaper, and the quality of services is often better than that found in the United States and UK. Indeed, many patients are pleased at the prospect of combining their tummy tucks with a trip to the Taj Mahal. Many countries have developed links for speedy treatments in India for their citizens. In many countries people often have to wait for extended periods of time to undergo operations. In India, medical treatment is not only fast but also costs a fraction of what it costs in USA or Europe. Even tele-consultancy is available connecting U.S. And European medical experts to Indian facilities for expert opinions and transmission facilities.

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