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Medifast Reviews – How Do the Medifast Shakes Taste?

Before you spend money ordering Medifast products, you probably want to know if you are going to like them. I've been pretty happy with how the Medifast shakes taste.

Medifast has two different kinds of shakes. They have the powdered packets that you mix with water and the ready to drink shakes. The ready to drink shakes taste okay, but I do think they are a little thin. So I prefer the powdered mixes and just keep a couple of Ready to Drink shakes in my desk in case of emergencies that keep me from being able to prepare the packets. Ready to Drink shakes only come in Chocolate and Vanilla.

The various flavors available in the powered packets include Dutch Chocolate, French Vanilla, Orange Creme, Banana Creme, Strawberry Creme and Swiss Mocha. I've tried them all except the Swiss Mocha because I don't like anything that has even a hint of coffee flavor to it. The only one I wouldn't reorder is the Banana Creme and that's because I really don't care for Bananas all that much. Although, I think if you like Bananas you will probably like it as the flavor is pretty accurate.

My favorite of the six flavors is the Orange Creme. Mixed with lots of ice and cold water in the blender, it tastes a lot like orange sherbet ice cream. I also like to mix it with diet Creme soda or diet Orange soda to punch up the flavor. With sugar-free creme soda it tastes a lot like an orange creamsicle.

I also like the Dutch Chocolate and the French vanilla a lot. Basically those three flavors are my mainstays when it comes to ordering Medifast shakes. I will occasionally have the Strawberry creme too, but in the long run I prefer the chocolate and the vanilla because they both make great bases for trying different recipes.

If you want to get more out of using the shakes without getting bored with them, using different Medifast shake recipes really makes a difference. The shakes are fine on their own, but after a couple of months, it's time for a change.Jenni Kerala reviews popular diet programs. You can find her reviews of all the other Medifast foods here: Http://…

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