Hey guys, this video is a video analysing Liza Koshy weight loss transformation. I hope you enjoy and this video isn't meant to bash or prey upon her I am a big fan of her and was just amazed at her transformation. I just wanted to say that this is not a hate video. Literally all the video on my channel is mostly about Liza cause I love her and her personality so much. I am just stating what I observed. Obviously all of you who clicked on the video thought the same as well. All those claiming it's a hate video why click on it in the first place instead of just ignoring it and focusing on more positive videos. I have other videos on my channel that supports and logging be Liza, like the camera video or the compilation videos. Why click on this video when there are other videos on my channel that is 'positive'. It just proves that people like getting mad cause if you don't why click on the video. I apologize for some things I said in the video I could have rephrased it better. Well thats all bye