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Lipozene Review: Is It Really Effective?

Lipozene was first introduced to the mass market in 2006 by the Obesity Research Institute LLC. In clinical trials conducted by its manufacturer, Lipozene was proven an effective fat burning supplement, and 78% of the weight that was lost by participants in this trial was pure fat. The manufacturers of Lipozene state that it will produce noticeable results without the aid of diet or exercise. The main ingredient of Lipozene is glucomannan, an ingredient that is extracted from the root of the konjac plant. Glucomannan does contain a large amount of fiber.

Because glucomannan does contain a considerable amount of fiber, when it is ingested, it expands to make one's stomach feel much fuller. In essence, it works as an appetite suppressant. In clinical trials at universities and hospitals, glucomannan has proven itself to be an effective weight loss aid in some participants, but not all. There are two positive aspects of Lipozene that users have particularly enjoyed. First, it is an effective appetite suppressant. Secondly, it does not contain any stimulants, like caffeine or ephedra, which is excellent for those who suffer from chemical sensitivities.

As with any product, there are several downsides to engaging the use of Lipozene. First and foremost, the manufacturer does not maintain an ingredient list on their website, so an individual does not know exactly what they are ingesting. Secondly, Lipozene is expensive, and glucomannan, in its raw form, can be purchased at a local health food store. Finally, the Obesity Research Institute LLC only offers a 30 day guarantee on Lipozene, which many consumers felt as though this was not a long enough time period to truly evaluate the efficiency of Lipozene. After the 30 day mark has passed, an individual cannot return their Lipozene for a full refund.

Lipozene is an all natural weight loss supplement; however, in most professional and consumer written reviews, it has fared rather poorly. For example, many consumers have experienced rudeness and a lack of helpfulness on the part of the Obesity Research Institute's customer service staff. Again, if one would like to experiment with the benefits of glucomannan, then it may be obtained in its pure form at a local health food store, and at a fraction of the cost of Lipozene. It will be up to an individual to determine if he or she would like to try it, but most sources recommend finding an alternative weight loss supplement.

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