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eleven How to Lose Weight (and Still Have Enjoyable) This Weekend (fitsugar)

For those who're uninterested in overdoing all of it weekend long and starting from square one on Monday, you're no longer alone. The excellent news is which you can stick to your healthy game plan, proceed to shed some pounds, and have a great weekend. All it takes is a bit of planning and self-control.
1. **Eat carbs in the morning**: You could have your carbs – and devour them, too! – but try to experience them at breakfast or brunch, says trainer Bob Harper. When you devour carbs previous in the day, "You'll comprehend you'll have time to burn them off," he provides.
2. **Plan an train date**: Instead of heading for any other meal out, seize a chum and hit up a workout. The time will fly via, you'll spend time collectively, and also you'll be some distance less likely to bail in case your plan is already in location.
3. **Do restaurant analysis**: Ahead of heading out with friends to a brand new restaurant, inspect your options in advance of time. As you stroll through the front door, you will have to be confident that there's something on the menu on your needs.
4. **Drink extra water**: Many individuals …

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