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Rapid Weight Loss – Biggest Loser Twins Show You How They Lost 350 Pounds in Just 8 Months

If your goal is rapid weight loss then you want to learn from those who have already done it.  The Biggest Loser Champions of Season 4, Bill and Jim Germanakos reveal how together they lost 350 pounds in just 8 weeks and won the weight loss contest.

Bill and Jim, better known as the Weight Loss Twins, joined the popular TV Show a couple of years ago.  Bill's starting weight was 334 pounds and Jim started at 361.  They went on to lose 164 and 186 pounds respectively.

Bill stayed on the ranch and won the grand prize of $250,000 and Jim, who was kicked off in week 5 won the contest among the eliminated players and took home $100,000.

The brothers attribute their rapid weight loss to the combination of factors below.

1. The right diet strategies. Many people have the wrong idea when setting out to lose quickly.  They take an approach of not eating hoping to drop pounds but this actually slows your metabolism which is how you burn fat.  The twins learned that the right approach was to eat small frequent meals throughout the day to keep their fat burning metabolism strong.

2. The right exercise strategies.  To achieve the fast results the twins combined slow steady exercise such as walking with the metabolism boosting exercises such as weight lifting and varied speed exercises.  Here again the key they found was to keep their body working at a highly efficient rate.

3. The right attitude. No one can deny that these two guys had the right attitude.  A mantra that they repeated over and over again was, "to become half the men, so they could be twice the men."  This type of positive mindset was necessary to push them through difficult challenges.

The twins achieved rapid weight loss and from their real life experience and also the education they got from working with nutritionists, psychologists and their trainer, Jillian Michaels they have put together their own weight loss system that shows others how to keep their metabolism and their attitude strong so they can achieve their own goal.

The winners of Season 4 of The Biggest Loser are about to reveal The Truth About Diets.Combined these two men lost over 350 pounds in only 8 months photo & video They have taken their experience and education from the show and put together the Rapid Action Metabolism Weight Loss System (The RAM System).They want to inspire and motivate you to shed those stubborn pounds once and for all! Click The Link To Visit My Site and Learn More and Grab their FREE Meal Plan!The author, Dr. Becky Gillaspy, is a Doctor of Chiropractic and Certified Wellness Coach connecting you with the most effective methods for weight loss and fitness.

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