Brazilian Bentonite Clay Body Wraps (10 Applications) | Complete Weight Loss, Slimming & Toning System that Gently Warms as you Wear | New & Improved with Bentonite, Aloe Vera, & Infused with Vitamins

The Challenge

Are you having difficulty achieving the slender tummy & body you want? Are you looking to feel slimmer, lose inches, reduce appearance of cellulite and achieve that fit and skinny look?

Achieving that perfect model figure can be, discouraging, and flat out painful especially for women or men looking for a non lipo solution. This is why so many people never achieve their goals and spend a lifetime dieting, exercise or taking diet pills.

What is different about our system?

Everbody is different which is why we have built the best pro spa grade solutions that promote inch loss fast while giving you a step-by-step plan to help with your long term weightloss, workout, and fitness goals.

What you'll receive:

Enough Body Wraps, Plastic Bandages, & Defining Clay for 10 Full Uses Infuse your skin with critical vitamins, nutrients, and minerals making it a great herbal solution to achieve crazy firming, toner, and tightening results Contour your body with our professional infrared, thermal contouring mud which makes it the perfect kits / packs Removes toxins and fluids trapped underneath the skin's surface which can help shrink the appearance of fat cells, cellulite, and stretch marks. This kit allows you to more easily flush deep water from cells Firm, tighten, and tone loose skin Designed for all body types (any man or woman to DIY at home)

A Complete Body Transformation Plan Get a customized step-by-step plan based on your slim goals & body type. Learn the secrets to becoming trim, toned, and gorgeous starting in just weeks Eat delicious meals and watch the weight melt off. Learn the skinnies secrets of Brazilian bikini models Add To Cart Now While Supplies Last!

Updated: September 29, 2017 — 6:50 am