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Is the fat around your tummy and on thighs a matter of worry for you? You might have read lots of information on losing weight and tried to bring them in implementation but in vain. My dear friend, you need to realize here that mere reading of weight losing program can never get you any results until and unless you follow certain plan or regime to achieve your purpose of looking slim and in shape.

The Biggest Loser contest is one such show that uses not only exercise, but a proper diet plan to ensure the maximum success of the purpose of losing weight of its contestants.

The Biggest Loser contest was first broadcasted on October19, 2004. It is an NBC reality television show. This show is divided into three segments referred as Season 1, Season 2 and Season 3 in which twelve, fourteen and fifty contestants take part respectively. All these contestants are overweight to different degrees and the contest is all about losing maximum weight.

The idea behind the 'The Biggest Loser' contest is to make its overweight contestants lose their maximum weight to earn the prize of $250,000. The contestants are made to encounter 'real life temptations' and they are required to overcome them by utilizing their approved weight loss-skills and resources to win the contest.

The contestants are divided into two and named as the Blue team and the Red team. The teams have contestants from both genders but they are organized to be almost equal in weight. A team trainer is appointed for both the teams who gives individual fitness lessons as well as set nutrition regimens.

Viewers also get to know about the dieting methods adopted by these trainers for their respective team members. The teams have to do tough and demanding daily workouts culminating in competition that is broadcast on weekly basis. All these contestants really have to work hard as the truth is apparent during weekly weigh-in. At this, each individual contestant is weighed up to decide the total pounds lost by team as whole. The team which has loses less weight compared to another team will have to eliminate one of their own member. This member is usually someone who has been least capable in losing the weight than the average and thus taken as a threat to the team. In another situation, it may be someone who is able to shed more weight than average or it may be someone who is a most powerful alliance but not a member.

Thereafter, when the number of contestants reduced to a certain small number, both the teams are dissolved. Then the contest takes place on one-on-one basis. At this stage, votes are done to eliminate the two people who lost the least amount of weight. In the end, it is the contestant who has been able to shed maximum weight during and percentage of body fat is the winner. Ultimately, the winner of the Biggest Loser contest receives the prize of $250,000.

Well, no doubt this show is a big hit and has received overwhelming response from the audience. It is not possible for all to participate in the show, but it is possible to follow certain effective diet plan that could get you marvelous results in weight losing if not $250,000. What say!

These are just the basics of losing body fat, so do a little research by discussing your fat loss program with your doctor and doing some online research to help you find what works best for you. The following link is a great way to get started. Click Here to get your FREE diet plan and body composition profile.

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