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The Most Decadent Diet Ever – Try This Fun & Delicious Cookbook That Offers Diet-Friendly Recipes

The Most Decadent Diet Ever is a lenient, but proves to be a healthy cookbook. Devin Alexander created this cookbook. He is also the author of the New York Times bestseller, The Biggest Loser Cookbook.

Devin Alexander is not a big believer of diet foods having to be bland, skimpy or rabbit food. This chief master and caterer take you to a new light on comfort foods and indulgent treats by making meals healthier and more diet-friendly in order for you not to gain weight. You will see meals featuring barbecue bacon cheeseburgers to dark chocolate-layered cake with butter cream frosting. He will show you the right way to cook to lose weight and enjoy the process of eating. Of course, it will be up for you to discipline yourself to stick to eating just one serving size. The advantages of purchasing the book will include the following:

OMeals will not taste like diet food
oYou have the assurance that the book was written by an acclaimed author who specializes in delicious and weight-loss friendly cooking
oThe dishes will be very simple and easy to prepare
oThe recipes will include information on nutrition
oIt will provide you with some fitness guidance.

You will be feasting on recipes that will include healthier takes on meals that are typically non-diet foods. You will still be eating delicious meals while still lose some number of pounds. Although it is a cookbook, it will further discuss the importance of incorporating exercise in your lifestyle.

It is divided into chapters like breakfasts, sandwiches, wraps, burgers, salads, entrees, savory snacks, starchy sides and sweet snacks. It will feature countless recipes with each containing only 100 to 500 calories per serving.

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