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The Best Thing to Sell After Christmas

For those who are looking for something good to sell after Christmas, many people think it is after Christmas specials from department stores. Though this is a good strategy, there is one that is better.

I know an eBay seller that all they sell after Christmas is there "New Years Resolution Fodder". They simply consider what people are going to put down as new years resolutions and build a sellable product list based off of that.

Your number one thing to sell is exercise related stuff. Exercise gear sells very well after Christmas as so many people are trying to lose weight after the holidays. Look for the new trendy exercise equipment that is small and portable for the biggest profit margin.

I like the new shake weights and the perfect push up. They are also on sell right now as the Holidays are winding down so there is some profit to be made. Also, check out Jillian's videos from the Biggest Loser and also there exercise attire is also on sale.

You can also sell workout books as well as mats, yoga equipment, and outdoors equipment like shoes, biking accessories, as well as hiking gear. There are a lot of great ideas to use this to your advantage.

This tactic only lasts for a short time, but it is a great money maker. Make sure to look for deals now, and keep your items small and portable to help your eBay quality scores. Good luck on your eBay sales.

Feel free to email me to let me know how this works for you! Danny Gard is an eBay powerseller and a former employee of eBay. He is also the owner of the GardianGroup which specializes in auctions, and homes for the mentally handicapped. At eBay, he specializes in teaching eBay's biggest sellers on how to increase revenue and traffic. His personal website,which gives eBay advice, items to sell on eBay, as well as tutorials and online tools, can be found at []

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