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Attitude and Weight Loss – Get a Positive Weight Loss Attitude From the Biggest Loser Twins

Are attitude and weight loss a necessary combination? Well, if you ask The Biggest Loser Twins, Bill and Jim Germanakos who won season four of the hit television show they would give you a resounding YES! This article recaps the incredible story of the twins success, the importance they placed on keeping a positive attitude and how they are now helping others.

Bill and Jim Germanakos first stepped on the Biggest Loser scale at a combined weight of nearly 700 pounds. Besides being obese they had health issues such as high blood pressure and cholesterol which increased their risk of heart disease. The brothers lost their father to obesity related disease too early and they did not want to follow down that same path.

As soon as that first weigh in was behind them it was "game on" for the twins. They began their diet and exercise routine and never looked back and in just 8 months they became "half the men" by losing a total of 350 pounds together.

They credit their success to the diet and exercise education they received from the many health professionals associated with the show and to their ability to always maintain a positive attitude. It seemed for the brothers that the combination of attitude and weight loss was the edge that pushed them above all of their competitors.

The twins are now back in the national headlines with their own rapid weight loss system that is sure to inspire! It includes many great diet and exercise strategies and also a copy of Jim's diary which he kept during the show to document his weight loss.

Here are a few suggestions on how to get and keep a positive attitude and achieve weight loss.

1. Find multiple reasons to succeed. The brothers wanted to lose weight because of their health issues but they found additional reasons as well. They wanted to get healthy so they could be better husbands, father and perform better at work, and of course in their case, they wanted to win the Biggest Loser competition.

2. Constantly feed your motivation. Motivation, if left to itself will come and go so you must constantly refresh it. The brothers repeated a mantra to stay on track. It was, "to become half the men, so they could be twice the men."

3. Reach for an even bigger goal. Some would say that just losing weight is a big enough goal but the twins saw an even bigger goal to reach. They knew that when they lost the weight that they were going to "pay it forward" and share all the education and experience they had gained with others who were in their shoes.

Attitude and weight loss proved to be the winning combination for the Germanakos brothers and they now want to prove it can work for others as well. If you find them inspirational I encourage you to look into their new weight loss system for yourself.

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