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What Makes the Biggest Loser One of the Most Successful Shows on TV?

People who have appeared on the Biggest Loser show have gone through miraculous transformations. They have lost hundreds of pounds in a short time period. What is it that makes them able to do this? How are they able to accomplish things that don't seem possible? And how can a person create those same results at home?

The premise of the show is to take people who are severely overweight and put them into a competition to see who can lose the most weight. They are given the help of professional trainers to guide them through the weight loss process. They are isolated from their family and put on a ranch where the only focus is on how to lose the weight fast, and all of their time during the day is devoted to this task.

The contestants are on a place called the Biggest Loser Ranch where they have two trainers available and they have access to equipment that can help them train twenty four hours a day. By eliminating the distractions of home, the contestants are able to spend all of their time concentrating on losing weight. And they do lose weight. Some of the larger contestants are able to lose over ten pounds a week by following the diet and exercise program that the trainers set up for them. One contestant was able to lose more than one hundred pounds in only seven weeks.

The contestants are able to be this successful because of the way the show is designed. The trainers do not just go out and buy a six pack ab exercises video for the contestants to use, they have a gym that has all the necessary equipment to help people who are seriously overweight including some equipment that is specially designed to be less stressful on a person's body.

The contestants go through workouts that include the exercises in the gym and also exercises that involve getting outside and working out in the great outdoors. The trainers do not rely on one technique to get the contestants to lose the weight, they use several techniques in combination.

Besides having the contestants workout on a daily basis the show also helps teach the contestants how to live a healthier lifestyle. At different times the contestants are giving temptations similar to what they might face when they leave the Biggest Loser Ranch. These temptations are often challenges that offer the contestants rewards that might help them get further in the game, but they are also lessons for the people to learn that can help them later.

The show is about entertainment and there is one person in the show who wins the grand prize, but all the people who participate in the show are winners. They are able to learn a new lifestyle that will help them live a longer and better life. By competing on the show, the people are able to lose the weight that they had been unable to lose before.

The contestants are not the only ones who benefit from the show. The show has inspired many people to make the commitment to also lose weight. The show has created a website where there is a link to the biggest loser forum where a person can get insight on how to start a weight loss program and find people who are trying to do the same in the chat rooms that are on the site.

The viewers who watch the show often create their own personal biggest loser game and see who can lose the most weight amongst a group of friends. This is what the Biggest Loser show is all about.

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