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Man Versus Food – The Show and Its Premise

The show Man vs. Food on the travel channel is quite possibly one of the most interesting shows on TV today. No other show currently airing mixes the intrigue of food and travel so well together. Furthermore, each city that the show travels to, and all the restaurants that he visits, probably gets a huge, if maybe only temporary, surge in customers due to the exposure on national television. Lots of people watch the show and it has gone to a wide array of cities across the nation. In some episodes the show is in Texas, and during these episodes the host probably gets a great look at some famous Texas sandblasting and Texas insulation, which is of course known the world over as being excellent.

The show revolves around a man named Adam Richman traveling around the country and visiting different restaurants in each city that he goes to, and showing the viewers food items that are special and usually kind of cool. Typically, every restaurant that he goes to offers a huge amount of something, whether it is a massive burger or a huge doughnut like in San Antonio. He visits three restaurants per show and walks around eating a little bit and talking to the customers and the owner, and also usually sees how the things served are made and provides an insight into the cooking.

However, the show is not all fun and games for its host. At the end of every show, Adam partakes in a challenge involving a ridiculous amount of food. For example, when he was in Boston Adam took on a challenge of eating a seven pound burger accompanied by five pounds of fries. In this particular episode, nobody expected Adam to complete the challenge, and he wound up competing against a professional eater instead of hoping to finish the twelve pounds of food. In the end, Adam lost by a mere six ounces to his challenger after eating a mind blowing six pounds of food. Sometimes Adam wins and on those shows he announces to the crowd afterwards that "in this challenge of man vs. Food, man wins" and the crowd erupts into cheering and applause, in awe of his eating prowess.

At the end of the show Richman conducts an interview with the crowd that was watching him during the challenge in which he takes, sometimes silly, questions from people about various things like whether he was intimidated by the food and how he feels after eating it. Usually, surprisingly perhaps, Adam wins the challenges and is rewarded with a stomach ache and getting his picture on some kind of board that the owners of the restaurant have created to commemorate the few people who can beat their challenge.

Few shows on television today combine the excitement of professional sports, travel and food and put them all into one show. That is quite possibly the reason that the show is so successful and popular, hopefully the show can keep the momentum going and stay on air for at least a few more seasons.

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