500 Calorie Diet 2 Days a Week

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The Basics Rules of The 5:2 Diet

The 5:2 Diet has proven to be a successful way to lose weight. The idea is that you eat normally for five days and for two days, you restrict your calorie intake. There are plenty of celebrities who have tried this diet and the pictures in the glossy magazines provide proof of how well it has worked for them.

Here are some of the basic rules that you need to follow if you want to start your own weight loss journey by using the 5:2 Diet.

The Amount of Calories You Can Have on Your Fasting Days.

The diet works by cutting back on the calories two days per week. It is suggested that women should consume around 500 calories on their fasting days. For men, the calorie amount is around 600. These figures should not be seen as the holy grail. If you have gone over a little bit, do not worry. These numbers have been provided so that you have an easy to remember guide to work out how much you can eat during these two fasting days.

Choose Your Two Days Wisely.

You can choose the two days that best suit your weekly routine. You can fast two days in a row or you can split up the days so that you have one or two days of regular eating in between. This is the best method because it makes the fasting day much easier when you know you can enjoy a really nice meal the next day.

Take a look at your work schedule. You want to choose days to fast when you are sure that you will not be too stressed. Stress can lead to comfort eating and this will only make you feel like a failure if you can't stick to the 500-600 calories. Also check your diary for any special events that you have planned. You do not want to be fasting on a day when you have been invited to a wedding or you are going out on a date.

Drink Plenty of Water.

It is always important to drink lots of water. It doesn't matter if you are on a diet or not. The water will flush out any toxins in the body and it can help to fool your brain into thinking you are full.

Eat Lots of Vegetables.

Just because you are restricted to a quarter of your normal daily calorie intake, this doesn't mean that you can not eat plenty of food. You just have to make the right food choices. Remove all pre-packaged food from your fasting days and stick with lots of vegetables. Prepare big healthy salads and add protein such as chicken or turkey breast.

These are a few simple rules that will get you going on the 5:2 Diet. If you can stick with it, you should experience your own weight loss success in no time at all.

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