4-Minute NO-Equipment Belly Fat Destroyer Circuit

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Hey, Craig Ballantyne below from HomeWorkoutRevolution.com, the home of the 4-minute fat burning wonders, offering you one more one here today absolutely free follow-along style.
This one is called the 4-Minute Stubborn belly Fat Destroyer. Let's reach it …

1. Punisher Squats (20 seconds of bodyweight squats + 10 second hold at the end of the squat).
2. Novice or Intermediate– Leaping Jacks (30 secs).
Advanced– Overall Body Extensions (30 seconds).
Hardcore– Burpees (30 secs).
3. Punisher Squats – Round 2.
4. Push-ups (30 secs)– select one of the most challenging variation for you.
5. Punisher Squats– Round 3.
6. Cross-Body Mountain Climbers (30 secs).
7. Punisher Squats– Round 4.
8. Punisher X with the TBX (20 secs of total body expansions + 10 second punisher squat hold).


You could include this punishing 4-minute no-equipment workout throughout of any exercise you do OR use it by itself as an off day stubborn belly fat destroyer.

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Desire a short workout that's 7 times a lot more efficient than long dull cardio for fat loss – and calls for NO tools? Get it FREE right here: www.homeworkoutrevolution.com/freeworkout.