14 Days Weight Loss Challenge – Home Workout Routine

Are you ready to start dropping weight in your home in simply 2 week? If so then this exercise routine will assist you attain this objective.

This is a pretty extensive exercise program that you can do in your home due to the fact that you do not need dumbbells, weights or any type of other unique tools. Simply your body weight!

This is a 2-week obstacle which means you require to do this workout EVERYDAY for the following 14 days if you intend to see great weight loss outcomes.

Additionally, for even better outcomes I suggest you pay attention to the food you consume. Adhere to these 2 easy nutrition regulations:
1. Steer clear of from sugar. 2.
Keep away from grains. Be sure to subscribe
to the channel to get brand-new video exercises daily Monday to Friday!

Allow's start the weight management obstacle and also leave me a comment below, tell me at what day are you currently on, exactly how you feel and what is your development.

Best of luck! ❤.


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  1. Same condition with me…and I am starting today..I was checking reviews in comments

  2. @Gulzar Nifaz yes .I have lost 3.5 kgs so far

  3. @Jayesh Jain I just want it works for everyone coz m tired of seeing myself like this

  4. what is the result??

  5. The best tutorial ❤️ no talking, no equipments needed, clear instructions. 🥰 My kids age 2.5 and 1 years also doing it along with me or lets say at least pretending they are doing😊😉

  6. You guys are so cute, Sabi!! And thank you for enjoying the workout😊 Keep going and keep exercising! See you here again tomorrow!❤️💪

  7. @Alina V. Prasad did u did anything else with this exercise? Please 🙏share

  8. U doing two time or 1 time in a day pls reply

  9. That happiness when she says “you have successfully completed the workout” 🥳

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