10 Min Abs Workout to get defined ABS | 3 week weight loss challenge

Obtain that defined abs! Its a new 10 minutes abdominal muscle regimen for you, and also I think you're going to like this brand-new enjoyable workout! Please leave remarks down in the description with your development and also enjoy the brand-new program!

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IMPORTANT PLEASE NOTE: Some people may see my video titles as click-bait. YouTubers optimise their video clip's meta information for exploration as a result of how the algorithm resembles. This isn't anything new. Lots of people who have actually been watching YouTube for many years would recognize this. If you're unhappy as well as get caused by this, well, this channel isn't for you after that. I have actually provided cost-free workout schedules as well as programs because day 1 and have actually always optimized my meta data therefore so that's not mosting likely to transform.

Having stated that, it doesn't suggest the workout do not work. You will still see results by following a suitable program schedule, viewing your diet, being in a deficit or excess (based upon your goals), doing exercises in great type, etc. These are all equally essential aspects. You're not going to obtain abs, grow a booty, grow arms amazingly from 1 or 2 videos, in 1, 2, 3 or 4 weeks trigger every person is various. I have actually discuss numerous times throughout video clips throughout my network over years that it takes time and also great deals of variables, so don't take a video title out of context. Targetting fat loss is not medically shown. Every person is different and it takes some time.

When doing any kind of home exercises, do take safety measure to exercise in a risk-free environment, and also if you require help or you're not seeing results, I suggest seeing a fitness specialist to provide you tailored suggestions on your workout kind and also nutritional demands. I am not a medical professional as well as what I share on my network are my sights and also what has actually benefited myself. Your health and wellness is the utmost relevance so discover what works for you.


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  1. OMG 🙌 You’re gonna get to 20 million in a few days!!! My biggest inspiration forever! Also… love the music in this one~ 💜

  2. Legs: “I can do this”
    Stomach:”I can do this”
    Arms:”I can do this”
    Neck:”but I’m only human”


  3. @Jesus Gonzalez she’s wearing a sports bra and shorts those clothes are what normal people wear to workout and keep cool. And why are you looking anyway

  4. *This is the type of workout that makes you ask yourself if the liquid on the floor are tears or sweat.*

  5. @Jesus Gonzalez oh my…. She is wearing clothes and she is a fitness YouTuber, she is showing us how to do the exercises. If you can’t respect her as a lady then go find another person. She just helping people to be healthier and happier in their life. You are so weird and respectful. There is nothing wrong with her, absolutely nothing.

  6. @љикс I lover yours 💙

  7. @G Gg 😂❤️

  8. @barkın kılıç sometimes it’s cuz of the exercise but you just have to look at the ceiling and use your belly abs

  9. @Anna-Lena💚💙 thanks man 👌


  11. @Pari XD good job!

  12. You’re right, at this point I can’t tell if I’m slipping on my tears or my sweat

  13. LMAO!!

  14. chloe: we are not resting here
    me, clicking the pause button: yes we are !!!

  15. @Jesus Gonzalez I literally watch her so I can workout but I wonder why YOU are asking that……..

  16. yess🥲🥲

  17. Omg yes I keapted pausing so much I am really bad out of shape hope there will be some changing in 3 weeks or so!!

  18. “keep pushing guys, you can do this” she believes in us more than we do.

  19. Day 1: ✅
    Day 2: ✅ -1 cm. I didn’t expect such a result so quickly.
    🏖 I took a rest. -1 cm due to yesterday’s exercises. My muscles are reaally hurt, I can’t do a thing.
    Day 3: ✅ The workouts got a little bit easier 🤏💧👁💧👄💧👁💧
    Day 4: ✅ My muscles are not sore anymore, hmm, suspicious 😑
    Day 5: ✅
    Day 6: ✅
    Day 7: ✅
    Day 8: ✅ Neighbours noticed I lost some weight. Haven’t checked it yet, gonna do it at the end of the challenge
    Day 9: ✅
    Day 10: ✅
    Day 11: ✅
    Day 12: ✅
    Day 13: ✅
    Day 14: ✅
    Day 15: ✅
    Day 16: ✅
    Day 17: ✅
    Day 18: ✅
    Day 19: ✅
    Day 20: ✅ My bestie decided to try it with me but died on the fifth minute, LOL
    Day 21: ✅
    Day 22: ✅
    Sorry I haven’t updated for a long time. Overall I’ve lost -6,5 cm and gonna do this challenge again. Yes, I’ve done an extra day, forgot I’ve already finished the challenge. I don’t feel any muscle pain, got used to it. I didn’t expect such results

  20. No joke, first time I did this exercise I couldn’t do a single exercise, now day 7, I can do it this workout without a break! Good luck to anyone else doing the challenges – you will get stronger 😁

  21. Goodness! I don’t remember it being this tough the last time I did it! I’m trying to properly engage my core this time.

    For 2 Weeks Shred Challenge 2021:
    *Day 1. 28/07/2021* ✅
    *Day 2. 29/07/2021* ✅
    *Day 3. 30/07/2021* ✅
    *Day 4. 31/07/2021* ✅

    *Day 1. 04/08/2021* ✅
    *Day 2. 05/08/2021* ✅
    *Day 3. 06/08/2021* ✅
    Active rest day
    *Day 4. 08/08/2021* ✅

  22. day one: didnt think i could get through this, honestly took me 15 minutes to convince myself not to give up after the first video i did, but here i am all done

  23. Keep going! Your future self would be so proud of you

  24. Me waiting for a low impact version
    Chloe: if you want a harder version…
    Me: (T_T)

  25. I honestly really dread workouts. But when I started with the 2021 2 weeks shred, I got amazed by how I look forward to it already cos I never thought I’d be able to finish the program AGH and now I’m here starting another program with a longer duration. Chloe, you are amazing! Thank you for these!

  26. Does anyone else struggle to do the plank with hip-dip because they’re feet keep sliding out from underneath them?

  27. Best one I’ve come across- I learned that the crunches to the side are best done when the neck is fully lifted off the ground. Hope this helps anyone!

  28. so proud of you! keep pushing girl!!

  29. 1 day finished ✅: I got really sweat and I didn’t remember this being that hard but since I gained some weight I can get that , I’m really gonna try this time to achieve my goals 🙂
    Day 2 finished ✅: still supper sweat after this workout today but feeling that I get stronger -3-

  30. Same! not sure if it’s my shoes, the mat or maybe form..
    but I cant seem to be able to not be sliding

  31. “don’t give up on me now” girl I’m about to give up on myself 💀

  32. I know that feeling but there’s a goal u wanna achieve !

  33. Just were shoes

  34. i can definitely relate but keep it up! you’ve got this 🙂

  35. What are you doing now? Are you just continuing the same exercises

  36. I started doing these about 2 years ago so I could be a better hiking companion… well now I love the outdoors more than ever! I’m leaving my hiking buddies in the dust if I don’t watch myself! I can carry heavier bags, push for longer trails, I look and feel better, and I bike anywhere I used to drive to. Thank you so much, Chloe Ting!

  37. LOL!!!😂😂😂

  38. me while doing this workout:
    pain is temporary swag is forever
    pain is temporary swag is forever
    pain is temporary swag is forever
    pain is temporary swag is forever
    pain is temporary swag is forever

  39. Just a reminder:
    – after this we will all get snatched
    – you should feel proud your not being lazy
    – you are living better!

  40. That happened to me first too but after some days that didn’t happen tome anymore

  41. Did you die?

  42. Same here!!! 🙄😂

  43. Man I kept stopping so many times but I had to push through, I’ve tried your exercises before on other videos but I couldn’t stay motivated and stopped, but now I’m trying again so I can feel more confident in my body and treat my body healthier!

  44. @Jagrati Tiwari u can’t get abs without lowering body fat percentage because even if you get extremely strong abs they will be covered by a layer of fat but if you do this routine you will probably also lose fat so idk

  45. You got this!! Thank you for sharing the results ❤

  46. True kinda first days I was a wreck but now on day 7 I’m more stronger

  47. I’m the 1K person 😂
    Proud of you 🔥🔥🤗

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