1 Year Weight Loss Transformation – Mind & Body Transformation

I create a video with clips from my 1 year weight loss improvement. It was really a body and mind change! And also, think it or not, my MIND transformation was much more than my body improvement. I’m wishing that by showing my makeover it will certainly aid offer weight-loss inspiration to others.

If you want trading 2021 holiday cards with me below is the address. I will certainly send a card to every person that sends me one (ensure your card includes your return address, and also is clear):.

The range I use:.

My home fitness center (most recent version):.

My vlogging camera:.

My activity video camera:.

Workout recuperation supplements that I am presently taking:.
Beta Alanine:.
Citrulline Malate:.

My favorite stimulant cost-free pre-workout supplement.

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  1. @Felix 2507 same for me

  2. Mr. Mack that is One Hell of a Mantra Brother !!!!!! I am starting but with help from MRI and NO2 ….. 21 days to results !!! / : 0 I know it is weights low fat low carb hi protein but BYRD explains it in his book very well ” NO2 The 21-Day Transformation ” ……… by next Christmas my goal is very very doable and I am STOKED !!!! Good Luck Bro !!!

  3. Perfectly Stated …….

  4. Hi there, I found a new way to lose weight and that is coffee, and yeah if you love coffee and you wanna lose weight using it then you really need to watch this video: https://youtu.be/jTgZvcUVH8Y

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